Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tired of Donegal Swatches

Okay, I did a third Donegal swatch. I am now official tired of swatching for this sweater. I figure that if I have to knit any more swatches I might as well sew them together for a sweater. So this is what I am concluding.

Swatch 1: I was happy with the pattern colors but felt the background colors were a bit overwhelming.

Swatch 2: I added 2 shades of brown (wood and bark) and didn't use green in the background. If you notice, I am adding 2 colors but taking away only 1. This brings me to 6 background colors which is what the pattern originally called for. I liked this better although I thought that maybe the background could use a bit more color.

Swatch 3: I replaced wood with green. After looking at this I decided that I felt the wood colorway added more than the green did.

Conclusion: I am going with the colors in swatch 2. Finally back to knitting. With the swatches I felt like all I was doing was cutting and knotting yarn.

Other items in the news . . . It seems like the Knitting Olympics have really taken off. I have been contemplating my current projects and what I could actually knit in 16 days. I have a lot of big knitting plans and am still trying to determine if I can sacrifice 16 days. (No, I don't have a birthday to knit for or anything but the seasons they are achanging.)

We also got a cat this week from the shelter. My daughter has named her Ariel (after the Little Mermaid, of course.) We are enjoying having a cat again. Our last cat was lost in August. Now I am working on teaching Ariel to stay out of my yarn. Quite honestly, she is better about it than my children.


Lisa said...

The cat is so CUTE.

Steph Adams said...

that's a very cute kitty. Aww...