Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Last weekend my family and I finally made it to Lake Michigan. The lake is only a half hour away so this is kind of pathetic. I've included a picture here to show you the headband that I knitted. It is Nakiska from Knitty. Very snuggly on the ears which is important with the wind on the lake. I used a wool/acrylic blend. I think it would have been even warmer in all wool. (By the way, you might notice a hand on my shoulder. That is my son in a baby backpack.)

Did you notice that the shipping limit at Knitpicks increased? Now you have to order $40 to get free shipping. So sad . . .

Yesterday my daughter was pining away for a fuzzy scarf. While we were at the grocery store (yes, the grocery store has yarn even) I let her pick out a couple skeins of Fun Fur for a scarf. Now I have secretly mocked people who knit novelty yarn scarves since it just seems too trendy. I knit this baby up in one evening though and had a lot of fun with it. My daughter woke up this morning and was so surprised that her scarf was finished. I have to admit that I understand the allure now although I don't think that Fun Fur will do much to keep your neck warm. (Yes, my daughter is wearing a blue velvet dress today. She is 3 and this is her idea of high fashion.)

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dana said...

funny, our knitting interests seem to be mirroring each other across the internet. i am knitting lace, a sweater , socks AND mittens all at the same time, and keep ordering from knitpicks compulsively and had JUST noted the price raise for free shipping when i clicked over here for a look lol

they must be shipping a lot, thank god for them and their prices! i wish em well

you projects are gorgeous and i wish you luck with them