Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a happy new year! I figured I would use this as an opportunity to show you what I am working on now:

1. A pair of socks of my own design from Regia Cotton. I love this yarn because it doesn't itch your feet and I am desperately in need of some socks. I have decided that I would love just to own handknit socks and my other socks are quickly wearing out so I need to get knitting.

2. A scarf from my Rowan Polar on size 11 needles. I have adapted the pattern from the "Yarn Harlot's" post. She sounded like she was having so much fun knitting scarves that I wanted in on the action. I am actually finding the large needles annoying though.

3. My Leaves in Relief sweater from The first sleeve was more fun to knit than the second but I should get knitting so I can do the cool tree pattern.

4. The beginning of the Shetland Lace Shawl from Gathering of Lace. This is the edging. I am working on it in ice blue Zephyr. This is my first "true lace" but I am not finding it to be as hard as I thought.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

The large needles are sort of annoying. I find them hard on the hands...for me though, the instant scarves are worth it.
(It's not like you're pissed off by the needles for more than a little)