Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Donegal Swatch Revisited

I have finally received some more Knitpicks Palette and have tried another swatch for my Donegal sweater. The first swatch (still pinned out) is my new swatch. I have added some browns to it and removed the green. I actually knit up the bottom of the swatch and then realized it needed more color so I added a band of red to the top of the swatch and used fewer rows of the other background colors.

The second swatch (without the pins) was my original swatch. The background colors seemed a bit bright for an entire sweater.

I would love any votes for either swatch. I would also welcome any suggestions. When I originally posted the first swatch I got no feedback which was bad for me because I am just jumping in the water here and hoping that I figure out how to swim.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote for the unpinned swatch. I agree that the original one is a little bright. But either way it's going to stunning!
Dorothy (Missouri Star)