Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blue Striped Socks Finished!

I finally finished my blue striped socks made from Regia Cotton. I am one step closer to my sock utopia in which I will only own hand knit socks. It may be awhile because my progress is less than impressive. I now own four pairs of handknit socks. My first pair is made from Magic Stripes yarn. It is a primarily superwash wool and very scratchy. I end up taking them off halfway through the day. One pair is made of Sock It To Me! Esprit which is cotton and elastic. They already have a hole in them and I'm not very inspired to fix them. The last pair is Sockotta which is a cotton wool blend like these. I wear them often.

This FO is part of my effort to finish some of UFO's before moving on. I still have to finish a second glove and the sleeves of my sweater and then I will feel less scattered.

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