Saturday, December 03, 2005

Peacock In Progress - Chart 7 (Finally!)

I have finally finished Chart 7 of my Peacock Feathers Shawl. That means I only have the edging and crochet cast-off to finish. My goal is to have it finished and all blocked by Christmas. Now that the end is in sight I am much more motivated though. Of course, I would have been done with chart 7 awhile ago if I had not had that unfortunate tinking incident that resulting in my frogging 12 rows. I figure that I frogged about 4000 stitches. What did I learn? Never get too confident to put in life lines.

Each row is 450 stitches now. I'm happy to get 2 rows done per day. When I stretch the shawl it looks so nice. I can envision how it will look blocked. Right now it does not look that impressive though.

I have also put my one mistake in the shawl. Somehow I ended up with one extra yarn over. I tried to fix it but I ended up with a lot of extra yarn where the extra yo was so it wasn't really fixable. As a result there is an extra hole in the shawl but I think that I would be hard pressed to find it at this point.

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