Saturday, December 10, 2005

Peacock In Progress - Before Blocking

I have finally finished my Peacock Feathers Shawl! Hurray! Unfortunately my family's response was underwhelming. My husband said that it was good that I finished because now I could start to knit something useful. My daughter was more interested in my tape measure. Oh, well (sigh).
The shawl is 65 inches by 32 inches unblocked. It is bigger than I thought it looked on the needles. The crochet cast-off was also harder than I thought. I have been an avid crocheter for a long time. I found it hard to crochet cast-off while trying to keep the remaining stitches from falling off the knitting needles, however. Plus the cast-off required 1320 chain stitches. That is a lot of crochet but off-course by then I was inspired.

I am hoping to be able to block my shawl tomorrow if I can convince my husband to pen the kids up somewhere so that I can do it. Meanwhile my house is in shambles, my family is malnourished, and all of our clothes are dirty in my obsession to finish this shawl.

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Allison said...

WOW your peacock is beautiful! Sorry about the underwhelming response but I can't wait to see it all blocked out(plus I disagree, shawls are very useful). As for my peacock - it has totally been abandoned for christmas knitting (and really quite frankly might not make its debut until wedding day now that the rows are millions of stitches wide)

Anyway congrats on finishing and I can't wait to see the blocked photo!