Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Leaves In Relief Growing

In a rare moment, my one year old is napping and my three year old is playing next door. What do I do with my free time? Clean the kitchen? Change the sheets? No, blog and knit of course.

I have been knitting away on my Leaves In Relief sweater. I have gotten to the top of the tree at about row 106 and will be attaching the sleeves in 8 row. Yeah! My LYS had a Super Bowl sale last weekend. I ordered more Nature Spun in "pink please" to make Alice Starmore's Fulmar sweater next. It should arrive in a couple weeks so I am trying to get Leaves In Relief done by then.

I love my LYS and like hanging out to knit but the manager there gets under my skin. Every time I try to buy something, I have to convince her that I should be allowed to. Don't you want to make money!?! When I ordered the yarn for Leaves In Relief, they didn't have enough yarn in one dye lot so I had them order it. The manager argued with me that I didn't need the same dye lot if I was felting. Well, I wasn't felting. Is that the only thing people use wool for anymore? The time I needed 14 skeins for Fulmar. This is a lot of yarn since I only bought 7 for Leaves In Relief. I know that it is a lot of yarn but it is knit on a size 3 needle and is knit very thick. Nature Spun has 245 yards per 100 oz which is the same as the original yarn used in this pattern. Well, anyhow I had to convince the manager that I was buying the right amount of yarn before I was allowed to buy it. What can I even say?

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