Friday, February 10, 2006

Twinned Trees Completed

Happy Olympics! or however you offer that greeting. Good luck to all of you knitting your hearts out in the Knitting Olympics. After much deliberating I have decided to just be a bystander. One of the reasons I have decided to opt out is my Leaves In Relief sweater. As you can see, I have finished the trees and am coming into the home stretch. I hated to abandon the project for 16 days while I worked on something else. I also have a couple other things that I want to work on that don't really lend themselves well to 16 days of knitting. So I will be watching the rest of you with some degree of excitement.

As I have mentioned I am finishing up my Leaves In Relief. I have attached the sleeves and finished the trees, now I just need to finish knitting the shoulders and neck. I can't wait to wear this sweater. It also was so much fun to knit. Not too much repetition to bore you.

As an aside, my husband continues to misunderstand the art of knitting. His most recent quote was, "Wool is not sexy." Have you seen the centerfold in the Men's issue of Knit 1. I beg to differ on the not sexy issue.

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Lisa said...

Wow - the sweater is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing it 'in action'.

I can guess where your husband's mind is!