Thursday, February 23, 2006

Product or Process

It seems that people all fall somewhere along the product and process range. Some people just knit for the act of knitting while others want to own whatever object they are knitting.

I usually fall somewhere in the middle. I will not knit something usually unless it is somewhat challenging for me and I feel I will learn something from the process. I also, however, have to like the finished product also. It generally needs to be something I would wear and if it does not fit right I will be depressed. Each of my projects falls somewhere along the continuum I guess though. I knit my Peacock Feathers Shawl mainly for the process since really how often have I worn a shawl previously although there is something magnificent about owning something so beautiful.

My latest project was a pure product knit though. My current slippers wore out and apparently stores do not sell slippers after Christmas. What is a girl to do? Knit her own, of course. So here are my Fiber Trends felted slippers made from the leftover Patons Merino from my Green Aran Sweater. I can't say I liked much about knitting them. Size 15 needles. Yuck. Stockinette stitch. Yuck. Lots of fiddley counting. Yuck. And then felting. Yuck. I think that I am too much of a perfectionist to like felting. It never seems to come out quite right. I have my slippers though and that is good at least.

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