Sunday, July 17, 2005

Completed Harry Potter Bookscarf

I completed my Gryffindor Bookscarf just in time for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I think it cam out pretty well and I'm enjoying it a lot. The only problem is that my 3 year old daughter also likes it so I may be loosing my place in the book to her curiousity.


PurlPrincess said...

I LOVE your bookskarf, it ROCKS!!! I love Harry Potter, but mostly the movies, I don't have time to read much and I worry if I started reading it I wouldn't get anything done...LOL. I did find an SnB book, both of them actually, at the library. I checked them out and really liked some of the patterns. You can buy them on for pretty cheap, but if you want to check them out first, look at the Kanawha County Library, they have a website online where you can look for books and have them hold them for you without having to go to the library.


Vicki M said...

I love your bookscarf! I am reading the new book and having to steal it from my daughter when she's not looking.

PurlPrincess said...

I'm happy to see you haven't posted any new projects either. I wish I could get more done in a short about of time...LOL. I know some knitters in the area that might be interested in forming a SnB knitting group. Isn't Panera the new place there by Toys R Us?