Monday, December 17, 2007

Shirt-Tail In Progress and Some Holiday Spirit

I started knitting the Ribbed Tunic from Vogue Knitting's anniversary issue. Unfortunately the eyelet row went off in it's own direction. I had to frog a couple inches. Since then my ambition has lessened.

My newest love is Shirt-Tail Hemmed, however, from Sweaters from Camp. Very beautiful, huh?

And for those of you celebrating Christmas, here is a picture of the nativity scene my daughter made from her Polly Pocket dolls and the gingerbread house I made with the kids. Happy Holidays!


Bajja said...

That is the cutest nativity scene I've ever seen!

I've been wanting to knit one for a while now, but realise will probably NEVER get around to all that fiddlyness. But now having seen your daughter's I think I'll just peruse the kids things to see what nativity creation we can make every year. It's fantastic!

Thanks for sharing.

Say What? said...

I realize I am 2 years late on commenting on your DD's wonderfully creative Nativity scene, but it is so totally something my DD would do this year!!

She is forever having the "Pollys" hang out with the "LPSes" that it gets confusing sometimes as to who own what little accessory.