Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hello everyone! I have been knitting for 24 years ever since I was 9 years old. (I'm sure you can do the math and figure out how old I am.) Twenty-four years seems like such a long time to do anything. My mother initially taught me how to knit although I can't say that I've seen her knit anything. Any more complicated things that I have learned, I've learned from books.

In spite of my love of and long history of knitting, I can't say that I really know anyone who knits. I have been lucky enough to run across the book Stitch 'n Bitch which introduced me to both the KnitList and the concept of knitting blogs. I am so excited to have a place to share my knitting now since my husband is tired of hearing about it.

Currently my biggest barriers to knitting are my three year old daughter and my 4 month old son. They are also great subjects to knit for being that they are small and I can knit things for them relatively quickly. As a result I forgive them for being a barrier to my knitting.

I look forward to sharing my projects with you!