Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back At Last

After over a two week journey to visit relatives we have returned to Michigan. We did almost 5 days of driving and unfortunately I get car sick so I could not even knit in the car. On a positive note, I arrived home with 2 pounds of yarn and 9 cirucular needles. I took almost 300 pictures so I will give you a photo tour of my trip.

My in-laws live in Maine and I was lucky to find an organic farm that raised alpaca, sheep, and various other animals. I picked up 2 pounds of worsted weight yarn in a mohair and merino blend. I envision a sweater in its future.

When returning home, we stopped at Niagara Falls in Canada. Lace knitters may know what vision that inspires. . . Aero circular needles, of course! I visited The Knitting Habit and purchased 9 circular needles. I purchased a few Inox greys, aero, and pony needles. They seemed to be nice and pointy. I am looking forward to seeing how they work for me.

Currently I am using my 2.75 mm needles to work on a stole out of Lacy Lamb yarn (a cobweb weight). I am designing the stole myself with the help of Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. You probably can't tell much now since lace always looks awful until blocked, but my stole bears a strange resemblance to Sharon Miller's Unst Stole and Hazel Carter's Sampler Stole from a Gathering of Lace. Strangely enough these stoles bear a strange resemblance to each other so I decided to create a variation that is uniquely my own.