Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Booga Bag Transformation

Before felting

I just finished my Booga Bag. I think it came out pretty well in spite of a few things. This was my first attempt at felting and I broke all of the rules.

1. I used bulky yarn. I didn't know that you weren't supposed to do that until after I started knitting.

2. I didn't make a swatch. I figured that this was an experiment and it's a bag so I didn't really care how much it shrunk.

3. I used Lopi yarn which I understand sheds too much for nice felting. I wanted to use up some stash leftovers so I did it anyhow. I didn't find that it shed too much.

4. I used white yarn which doesn't felt well because the bleaching process inhibits felting. I knew this but I thought that the white yarn I was using was more of a natural off-white color. It did not felt well though which is where I guess a swatch would have helped.

I'm pretty happy with the result, so I think I will make another bag with my remaining Lopi scraps. This time, however, I will leave out the white.


Shannon said...

Oh tehre are so many silly rules. My favorite felted purse is Lopi and I love it. It barely sheds at all

I use bulky yarns to felt all the time. As long as you are using a big enough needle and are willing to put it through a few washer cycles there's no reason not to.

I hate the white yarn problem. It varies from brand to brand, but I've had the same problem even with some yellows.

Allena said...

LOL it looks like it turned out wonderful! i like to use bulky yarn b/c it felts into a thicker material and i feel it turns out better.. but that's my personal oppinion!

enjoy your bag! try when you've finished the orriginal bag starting another one and when you pick up the stitches to knit in the round pick up the bottom of the first bag and knit up half way then sew up the corners viola you've got a booga bag with pockets around the outside. it turns out wonderful!