Monday, January 29, 2007

Projects in Progress Update

I've been working a bit on my Shetland Lace Stole lately. I am up to the first border. Since this stole has been self-designed I have knit sections of the border only to discover that I wrote my chart wrong. After briefly cursing to myself, I have commenced with frogging that portion and rewriting the chart. In addition the yarn has been awful in that the skeins get tangled easily. It is Lacy Lamb which is cobweb weight with over 800 yards on a ball. Imagine 100+ yards of fine wool all in a big knot. To make things worse it is superwash so you can't even spit splice it if you decide to cut a knot out. I am past the tangles and the chart seems to be working better so I am having more fun now.

I have also been plugging along on my Katherine of Aragon. I'm about half way to the arm steeks. Happy knitting everyone!

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