Saturday, January 20, 2007

Katherine Off and Running

I have finally received all of the right yarn for my Katherine of Aragon cardigan and have started knitting after a long wait. This pattern uses 5 charts so I made myself some stitch markers with letters corresponding to the chart letters. This has been very helpful although I have finished a full repeat of the charts and which chart I am using is much more obvious. This has been a fun knit so far and I would agree that the colors are quite engaging.

This cardigan is quite long which seems to be out of fashion at the moment. I am not sure if it would look right if I eliminated one repeat of the charts. The length of the cardigan seems to make it look elegant. Any thoughts on that issue?


Marina said...

As I wrote on the Tudor Roses blog, I would aim for ~200 rows which excludes the garter st. hem. If you look at Wendy's Abalone, that's ~200 pattern rows and it is already quite long.

You did well with the colours. Gorgeous!

Dorothy said...

I think the key is the words "at the moment". Fashion can change in a heartbeat and I think this cardigan is going to be here to stay. So I'd say = make it the full repeats in the chart. It's truly lovely!

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

I agree with Dorothy:-) Short is already going out, you will be ahead of the trend! Keep it the way it was designed and it will be elegant. It is looking so beautiful already!

The stole is beautiful too!!

Skymosher said...

What a fantastic idea to put the chart letter/number on hte markers! Thanks so much for that idea.

And as far as long sweaters being out of style - feh! They'll be back in before we know it. :) I still wear mine. :D