Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From the Land of Lace to Colorwork

Since I finished my Shetland Lace Stole, I have contemplated starting another lace project. I was going to start on the Mystery Stole 3. The main attraction for me, however, was the beads. Since I would either need to order them or go to the local bead store, I am beadless. My local store is a 1/2 hour away and only open during hours that my kids would be with me. You can imagine what fun a 2 and 5 year old would have in a bead store. I guess I will be picking a different lace project.

Now I have moved to colorwork. I have finished the body on Katherine of Aragon. I will be cutting the first steek at my knitting group tonight. Since the thought strikes fear in the hearts of many I told them that I would cut the first steek there. Now I need to do two sleeves, the button band, and then finis. I guess I am counting my chickens too early though.

I am also starting a self-designed intarsia project. I am thinking of submitting the design to Knitty or such so this is all I will show you:

I have also started a Latvian mitten. The fringe and braids have been a bit of a challenge.

Finally I have finished my Horcrux socks from the Six Socks Knitalong in time for the movie and the new book. My feet shall be toasty warm while I am enjoying my new book.


miyamojo said...

Yay! Fair Isle! Very pretty!
I work my front bands first, before I cut the steek, so it lines up nice and you can decide where to put the button holes.
Then I work the collar band, and do the sleeves last. Finally, I cut the front steek.
Just a suggestion! :)
Looks like you've been busy! m:)

tatt3r said...

Oh My Gosh! A knitting group in Grand Rapids? I live in Wyoming, can you tell me about your group?

Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) said...

Hi! I found you through 6SocksKAL.

Latvian mittens, eh?
I did one of the braids from Liz Upitis' book on another project a few months back. At the time, I remember thinking, "ugh, never again" about the yarn twisting. But later, after seeing how nicely it turned out, it didn't seem so arduous and I *did* do another one. A pleasing accomplishment. I hope you enjoy yours too!

Jane said...

Your color knitting is fabulous!

Kate said...

Lovely fair Isle pattern.
And I guess you are wearing your new socks right now with the new HP-book.

Linda said...

Wow!! The Katherine is stunning.

N. Maria said...

You do beautiful work. Lots of eye candy here.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff Lorri!

I stumbled upon your blog via the Gloves Yahoo Group, and bot, am I glad I did...Very inspirational!