Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WIP Wednesday

The Mara class has started a WIP challenge to encourage all of us to work on our unfinished works in progress. I have elected to work on Fulmar which I have been tackling on an off since March 2006. Although I have put countless hours into it I have only reached 40 cm out of 60 cm on the front. I must still finish the back and sleeves.

The time consuming part of this sweater is the gauge (252 stitches for each row) and the numerous cables (every right side row). This was something I really wanted to make so I figured that I would just continue plugging along until I was done.


Geri said...

Beautiful color! I was just looking at the Aran Knitting book this morning thinking how much I've always wanted to do this sweater. Maybe you are my new inspiration! Alas, I have way too many other projects to finish, without tackling this one!
Geri, Tallahassee, FL

Rebecca said...

Fulmar is on my future-to-knit list and yours is stunning! It may be going slowly but just think how fabulous it will look when it is finished!! Keep knitting along!

Dorothy said...

Fulmar is also on my wish list to do some day. Yours is beautiful and I love the color!

Donna said...

This is really beautiful work, but I can sure see why it would be a long term project.