Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stress Relief = Stockinette Stitch

Geez, it has been a long time since I've blogged. Anyhow . . . My 13 month old has learned how to climb. He has been climbing up on the kitchen table and walking around. This has put me in a constant state of stress for fear that he fall off and kill himself. Although he is fairly confident about his abilities he still falls a lot when walking across an empty room.

What to do. I feel like I am in a constant state of vigilance trying to anticipate what he will climb next. Meanwhile I am knitting one sweater of worsted weight on size 1 needles, one sweater in fair isle fingering weight on size 3's, and a shawl on lace weight with size 4's. None of these projects allow for the type of stress relief I felt I was needing. So what's a girl to do but start another project.

You might notice that my newest project is DK weight stockinette stitch on size 6 needles. Much more relaxing. I am knitting Soliel from Knitty which I was going to save for the summer but perhaps I will have it done by summer instead. I am using the Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK which I acquired at the great after Christmas sale and one of my LYS's. I am loving this yarn but it would normally be a bit out of my budget. The color is called crocus. I have actually seen crocus' lately although this yarn bears very little resemblance. The color is nice though. It is hard to tell whether it is tan, pink, or orange.

In the last couple days I have found myself straying back to Fulmar. The progress is not really noticeable. I am not inspired to knit too fast since I don't anticipate wearing this sweater until next winter.


Donna said...

Hi Lorri,
I've enjoyed your blog. I remember when my kids were that age. I was a nervous wreck too. Your doing great to keep up with a baby and knit such beautiful work too. I'm wanting to do the Soliel too, but haven't decided which yarn to use yet.

bzystitchin said...

Hi Lorri - beautiful beginning! Keep up the good work. The colour is yummy too.

Three Sisters Yarn said...

These are beautiful patterns--great job!